Win the Battle Against Bedbugs

Work with a professional exterminator

It's tempting to ignore those bites or chalk them up to mosquitoes, but the longer you wait to deal with bedbugs, the worse your infestation will be. If you think you might have bedbugs, talk to an exterminator at Wills Affordable Pest Service, LLC. We'll inspect your home, assess the situation and work out a customized treatment plan.

For residential or commercial bedbug treatment, call 302-658-1628 today.

Keep bedbugs from coming back

Keep bedbugs from coming back

Even after an effective bedbug treatment, a few lingering eggs may hatch. This is to be expected, and it doesn’t mean your home will become reinfested. Wills Affordable Pest Service provides careful follow-up instructions and preventive products to complete the final stage of our bedbug control service. This includes using a special mattress cover designed to…

  • Encase any newly hatched bedbugs
  • Stop bedbugs from biting and feeding
  • Prevent bedbugs from infesting your mattress

This and other measures can also help prevent a new infestation, should someone bring bedbugs into your home from another location.