Don't Let Termites Eat You Out of House and Home

Eliminate wood-destroying insects as soon as possible

Is that a flying ant? If you spot swarming, ant-like insects in the spring or summer, your home could be in danger. Many homeowners don't know they have a termite problem until the colony has grown too large to ignore. Wills Affordable Pest Service, LLC will treat your home's perimeter and basement for termites. This will eliminate the current colony and prevent it from reestablishing itself later on.

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It's swarming season-do you know where your home stands?

It's swarming season-do you know where your home stands?

Termites typically start swarming in April, alerting homeowners to their presence. But there are other, more subtle signs of an infestation you can see year-round. These include…

  • Droppings: Termite frass, or droppings, look like piles of small, round wood shavings.
  • Fragile wood: Crumbling trim work or hollow-sounding panels could mean termites have been eating your home from the inside out.
  • Mud tubes: If you see mud tubes near your home’s perimeter, there’s a good chance termites are building underground.

Wills Affordable Pest Service offers a 1-year warranty on our termite control services.